Bridge Order Monitoring

The Bridge Order Monitoring feature in our API plays a critical role in the post-execution phase of the bridging process. Once a bridge order is executed, this functionality allows users to track and retrieve status data about the transaction using the transactionId. It provides real-time updates and insights into the progress and completion status of the bridge operation. This feature is essential for users to maintain oversight of their transactions, ensuring they are fully informed about the status and outcomes of their asset transfers.

Retrieves the status and the metadata of executed bridge transaction.

GET /api/bridge/info/{transactionId}

Path Parameters




Transaction ID of executed bridge.

    "transactionId": "string",
    "status": "string",
    "source_chain": "string",
    "destination_chain": "string",
    "asset": "string",
    "amount": "number"
    "sender_wallet": "string",
    "receiver_wallet": "string",
    "execution_time": "number"

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